What kind of therapy
is best for me?

We start with an assessment to build a custom wellness plan with you

Therapy is based on your history,
current situation, and your goals.

Our assessment process sets the foundation for a better understanding. We want to explore how we can best support your wellbeing.


Our therapeutic offerings

Individual Therapy

50-minute session
Sign up for a private one-to-one session. Talk with a therapist online or visit the Latitude counseling & recovery center to meet with a therapist on site. We will not be distracted when things get difficult & will be there to recognize & validate every milestone you accomplish.

Family Therapy

90-minute family session
Family psychology is focused on the emotions, thoughts, & behaviors of couples & families in relationship. We integrate Christ-centered restorative therapies with the principles of psychology. Bring your family and talk with a therapist online or visit the Latitude counseling & recovery center to meet with a therapist on site.

Group Therapy

90-minute group session

There are benefits to being in a group therapy process: social interactions, added perspectives, & the affirming value of being heard. Groups are usually 8-10 members. Some are open therapeutic groups & some are designed to meet a specific need. Group participation is generally a 6 month commitment.

Substance Abuse Recovery

4-phase recovery program
Our program takes place at the Latitude Counseling & Recovery Center in Carlsbad, CA. We partner with you right where you are to chart a path forward to sustainable wellbeing. Our recommended minimum commitment for this on-site program is 3 months.

Access our Telehealth therapy program

Technology offers us the opportunity to connect with you no matter where you are. We offer individual and family therapies online via phone, text, or video message. Click here to chat with one of our therapists now


Continued education & workshops

Latitude provides an array of educational opportunities including lectures, workshops, & online resources.

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Suicide/Emergency Message

Emergency, please call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room
San Diego Crisis Hotline / 24- hour Crisis Line 888-724-7240

Latitude Telehealth Services, LLC is a conscious healthcare company that works globally with non-profits such as Roadworks Collective & Nations Media to ensure that all people in need have access to behavioral health care