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Latitude Recovery Center is a Christ-centered program for addiction and other behavioral health disorders. Our team of professionals provide expert clinical and restorative therapies to support spiritual healing and unification with God.

Latitude understands that behavioral health challenges develop differently from person-to-person. Therefore, the design of the recovery plan is unique to each person.

A fully Integrated Continuum of Care shows that long term recovery success increases when people remain engaged in the recovery process. Our program's length of stay is anywhere from 30 days to 1 year. The average is 3 months. Many continue with alumni support services, individual therapy or join one of the therapy groups.

Program Options

Phase 1


We start with an extensive assessment process.  Then, with the Latitude team and you, develop an individually tailored program.  This may include personal therapy, education, and array of diverse process groups.  Family therapy is a recommended option.

Time:  3-5 hours a day, Monday thru Friday.
Duration:  30-90 days

Phase 2

Restoration, Purpose, and Leadership

We offer you the executive mentorship and resources for cultivating wellness, exploring your purpose, and building a belief in your vision, to further develop skills and help others.

Time:  Flexible to the project
Duration:  12 weeks

Phase 3

The Mission Project

We can offer you a 3-month opportunity to expand your cultural views and travel abroad to volunteer in a rural treatment center.  The diversity and perspectives of others can help shift our views when moving toward defining our purpose, and next steps in life.

Time:  24/7
Duration:  12 weeks

Phase 4


Restoring relationships within our families and communities offers the strength of unity.  Together we are able to maintain recovery goals and continue to give to others.

Time:  open-ended
Duration:  12 weeks

Join a group or attend a workshop

We offer several specialty group therapy options:

  • Women and Resiliency
  • Men’s Roles
  • Couples in Recovery
  • Grief and Mourning
  • Leadership: Recovery in the Workplace.

We host a variety of monthly community workshops that include topics such as:

  • Family Systems
  • Chaplin Perspectives
  • Children’s Grief Co-dependency
  • Religious Trauma
  • Pornography, the new drug of choice
  • and many more

Suicide/Emergency Message

Emergency, please call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room
San Diego Crisis Hotline / 24- hour Crisis Line 888-724-7240

Latitude Telehealth Services, LLC is a conscious healthcare company that works globally with non-profits such as Roadworks Collective & Nations Media to ensure that all people in need have access to behavioral health care


Certified by the Department of Healthcare Services

Certification:  370199AP

Expiration:  11/30/25