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We believe everyone should have access to behavioral health care services. Our mission includes providing support services to our local communities.  This includes medical and clinical professionals, first responders, faith-based practitioners, business leaders, individuals, and families.

Most of the events are available at the Latitude Resource Center.  However, some may include access through telehealth.

We keep our educational and therapeutic groups small, so we encourage you to sign-up early.

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    Group Therapy

    Women's Resiliency

    This is a closed group of 8-10 women, the commitment is 6 months. The core foundation is trauma response, resiliency, and healing...

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    Men's Formation

    This is a closed group of 8-10 men. The commitment is 6 months. This is a deep dive investigation into the core of men’s value systems...

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    Family Restoration

    This is a closed group of 4 couples. The commitment is 6 months. This group is designed to explore the complexities of addiction and recovery within the family system.

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    Intensive Workshops

    Men's Sexual Compulsions

    This is an intensive 2-day workshop designed to offer men the opportunity to explore their sexual compulsive behaviors. Limited to 16 participants...

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    What is the story of my life? The purpose of this workshop is to offer individuals the opportunity to explore the depth of their own story....

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and Loss

    This is an intimate 1-day experiential that includes open dialogue, educational resources, short films, and guest speakers...

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    Educational Workshops

    Motivational Interviewing

    MI is a counseling style for eliciting change by exploring and resolving ambivalence. This is a 1-day workshop limited to 16 people...



    This workshop is designed to explore the church, clinical relationships, and sometimes moral conflicts of integrating the Bible and psychology...


    Therapist 2 Therapist

    This is an open group for clinicians and practitioners to discuss the integration of Biblical and psychological services in clinical practice...


    Suicide/Emergency Message

    Emergency, please call 911, or go to your nearest emergency room
    San Diego Crisis Hotline / 24- hour Crisis Line 888-724-7240

    Latitude Telehealth Services, LLC is a conscious healthcare company that works globally with non-profits such as Roadworks Collective & Nations Media to ensure that all people in need have access to behavioral health care


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